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Web Designer/Programmer Needed - Must know every web server language that I found on Google


Here is a great real ad that was found on Craigslist. The ad literally asks that somebody have programming skills in just about every possible server side language.

Below was taken directly from the ad.

Must have specific database and Web-development experience to include in-depth database management and Web design services. Experience with government clients providing extensive data management and document tracking support a plus. Must have strong computer programming skills across a wide range of platforms/software programs to include:
• PHP5
• ColdFusion 5, ColdFusion MX
• Classic ASP, ASP.NET
• Visual Basic, VB.NET
• Adobe Flex
• JavaScript and VBScript
• Zend Studio
• ColdFusion Studio
• Visual Studio .NET
• Dreamweaver MX
• Front Page
• Acrobat PDF
• Content Management
• Photoshop / Image Ready
• Quark Xpress
• Flash MX
• Fireworks MX
• SQL Server 2005
• Access
• Oracle
• Paradox
• Informatica Data Analyzing and Procedural Mapping
• PC (Windows XP)
• MAC (OS X Tiger)
• Novell Netware5
• Internet Information Server 5
• SQL Server
• MS Windows Server 2003
• ColdFusion Server & Administrator
• Microsoft Office User Specialist
• Corel OfficeSuite

How quickly do you think this job will get filled? If somebody really knows all of the above really well they had better be willing to spend a million a year on him because that is how valuable this person would be. Take a look at the original ad and have a good laugh before your Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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