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I happened to stumble across Deezer while searching for an alternative to Pandora Radio ( Don't get me wrong, Pandora is great - especially when you want to find other songs/artists that are similiar to ones you already like, but there are times you want to listen to a certain song or specific album from one of your favorite artists.

Cue Deezer. Deezer is a free on-demand music service that allows you to listen to specific songs & artists and lets you build and save custom playlists. Music is user contributed (uploaded by each user) and then analyzed and cataloged in Deezer's database.  After building your playlist, you can embed a custom player on your site using Deezer's Blog/Share tool that auto generates the code for you.

Here's a link to Deezer's site:

And here's a link to their press release explaining how this is legal (for now):