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GI 3.6.0 Milestone 1 Preview Release Available
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GI 3.6.0 Milestone 1 Preview Release Available


TIBCO has announced a milestone release for their General Interface Ajax Framework. Version 3.6 Milestone 1 is a preview intended for anyone considering migrations of their existing GI applications.

Via the release notes, here are the new features included in this release:

General Interface Template Language
The General Interface template language simplifies the creation of custom GUI components by using a technique that is already familiar to web developers—it builds on your knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Using the General Interface template language, you can convert a single snippet of HTML—a widget—into a re-usable component. This means that if you’ve developed user interface components that combine HTML and JavaScript code, you can convert the functional user interface HTML elements into a General Interface template for custom usage.

CDF Form Mapping
A new CDF form mapping class is included in this release, jsx3.gui.CDF. This new class enables developers to map a CDF document in the local cache to on-screen form fields. By combining the features of jsx3.gui.Block and jsx3.xml.Cacheable, this new class enables developers to read and write cache data without the need to author additional JavaScript code. In other words, this new class is a visual container that knows how to bind the form fields it contains to values in a CDF document:

JSON mapping
General Interface has also added the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data interchange format to the XML Mapping Utility file types. The Mapping Utility uses these file types as the starting point to generate the mapping rules file. You specify the URL for the file you need for your use case, which contains a JSON string. The Mapping Utility evaluates the string and returns a JavaScript object.

To download GI 3.6 milestone 1, or the current stable release 3.5.1, visit

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