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Keeping Your Data Guarded - Password Strength Check
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Keeping Your Data Guarded - Password Strength Check


In keeping your data guarded for your application the most key area is your password. Even many developers use very week passwords to protect things like file level access, database access and admin access to web applications. The easiest way to hack into a system is to crack an unsecured password and then a hacker (or to be correct a cracker) can cripple a system or worst steal data.

Well, I have run across a good open source web application called Password Strength Checker that can be used to make a much stronger password. The applications is very easy to use, you simply type in your password and then the form tells exactly how strong your password is. The form also gives you information about what makes your password strong or weak, such as that it is too short or lacks capital letters.

You can go to the applications here. And since it is open source you can download it and run it on your server (it is released under the GPL) you can download the application here. So, if you use this or a similar application I would love to hear about it (you can leave it in the comments or write a blog about it on this blog, using your free Ajaxonomy account).