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Getting a Google+ Invite
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Getting a Google+ Invite


Right now It seems that everyone that is not on Google+ wants to be on Google+. I personally just received an invite and have been playing with the service this morning.

So far I have found Google+ to be a good social network, but I'm not sure yet if it will be a Facebook or Twitter killer. I think it might be incredible, but as we all know the most important thing in a social network is the size of the network. So, we won't really know how well Google+ will do until it is released to the entire public.

In the mean time everyone wants to be in the fairly exclusive club of people that have received invites. If you happen to be in the tech industry then you probably know someone that has an account. The key to getting an invite (outside of trying one of the many hacks that has been published) is simply to ask all of your friends. The chances are that after you check with all of your friends that someone will at least know someone that has an account and can be your ticket to an invite. So, before you can get on this social network (at least in it's early form), you will need to be social and network.