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Top Gadgets of the 1980s
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Top Gadgets of the 1980s


It is hard to believe it, but 1980 is now 30 years ago. As Christmas is coming up quickly, it is kind of fun to think of what we wanted as a gift way back in the 80s. Well, over at they have put together a list of the top Gadgets of the 80s.

Below is an excerpt from the list.

Nintendo Entertainment System or Nintendo NES entered the Japan market in 1983. The 8 bit game console very soon got fantastic popularity due to the great range of game program products, for instance the Super Mario Bros that became the mascot of Nintendo company. More than 500 000 of consoles were sold for an average cost of about $ 250. In the middle of the 1990s the Nintendo NES yielded to the 16 bit systems like Sega Mega Drive.

With the advent of Sony Walkman the new era in the history of portable audio devices began. A prototype of the Walkman was developed in 1979 for Akio Morita – the co-founder of Sony, to give him the great possibility to listen to opera music during frequent flights. In 1980 the Walkman entered the Japan, USA and European market. In 1980 the possibility to take your favorite music with you anywhere seemed to be something incredible. Cassette players became fantastically popular.

For me the top gadget was the Nintendo (a.k.a NES) system. Check out the entire list to see what you where dreaming of owning in the 80s (the list is only of gadgets, so don't expect to see a Porsche 928 on it).

You can read the entire list here.