JSON 3D - The Time is Near!

3D on the web is getting very close to being a reality. With the release of Google Chrome 9 and Firefox 4, that uses WebGL (a subset of the OpenGL library) coupled with HTML 5 and JavaScript, 3D on the web could soon become used in many websites.

With 3D likely becoming mainstream on the web within the next few years, I thought that now is the time to build tools to model 3D models using a small easy to handle format that could be easily used in JavaScript.

You may remember my post from a while back about JSON 3D. I feel that using JSON for 3D modelling would be the best format to handle 3D models on the web. This would allow for quick Ajax calls to allow loading 3D models as needed on a page and the format is about as small as you can get on the web for holding this type of data. Additionally JSON already has a huge footprint in Ajax development and has virtually replaced XML in being used for most Ajax calls.

You can read my original post on JSON 3D here. My hope is that some of you will find this useful and will begin to write the tools that will be used to have 3D available all over the web.

Also, if you are looking to have some fun, you can view a bunch of Chrome WebGL 3D demos here.

I’m not in development but it’s certainly true that 3D is going to be very popular, and internet based functionalities would soon need to make appropriate changes to assist 3D internet viewing.

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I am of the same opinion that the time of 3D is not faraway. Tough I am not clear in my mind how it will give the impression of being and it will work, I am eagerly waiting for it to appear. I expect all the browsers will formulate themselves so that they are able to keep pace with feature-3D on the web. So, far I have come across with 3D experience in google earth and it was stimulating. Anyway, the hosts must keep in mind to shape it so user-friendly as possible.
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