The Future of Social Networks


We know that there are a lot of social networks, with new social networks launched everyday. Most of these social networks die because not many people use them.

I believe that the issue may often be that these sites do not separate themselves from existing social networks. Most of these networks are almost exactly the same as a Facebook, Twitter, Digg or Flickr and since they are going for the same audience they have very little chance at surviving.

I think that in general the future of social networks is to create social networks for smaller niche groups. Take for instance a site that i have been working on. The Porsche Guys Club, which is a free on-line Porsche auto club. The idea of this social network is to connect Porsche fans in the same way as a traditional auto club, but without the cost and overhead of a traditional club.

You can take a look at the site here.

So, this is an example of what I think the future of social networks will be, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


I was just wondering how is it different from Groups in Facebook?


Hi Saravan,

It has a lot of similarities to Facebook's groups, except that since the site is like a Facebook group it instead makes use of essentially sub groups as users are able to make groups on the site. Also, since the idea of a more focus social network allows you to be more focused with applications. For instance on the site that I used as an example, I'm working on some fun apps such as classifieds (which work well in the car site example) and a race time keeper. So, while all of this can in fact be done on Facebook, by making more focused social networks it may help connect people to what they are really interested in and that is point that I am trying to make.


I think that too many social networking websites have the same or very similar features, leading to the majority just not being used. A social networking site that I found recently called Kulora ( has loads of different and really cool features (like live sharing), just it's a shame that people don't know about it!

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