Internet Explorer 8 Released


Microsoft has officially released Internet Explorer 8. New features in this release include:

  • Native support for JSON
  • Improved standards support
  • Faster than IE 7
  • Improved developer tools, including (finally) an integrated JavaScript debugger
  • The address bar also functions as a search bar, a la Google Chrome
  • Accelerators: mini-mashups for your browser
  • Web slices allows you to retrieve information from a web page without actively visiting it.
  • Private browsing, similar to Firefox and Chrome
  • The SmartScreen Filter, which helps to protect against malware, phishing, and cross-site scripting.

On the downside IE 8 is the only current browser that fails the Acid 3 test. It is also one of the slowest browsers out there.

Previous coverage on IE 8:

You can download it here, or wait for it to become available via the Windows Update service.

I am wondering how fast the people with IE6 and IE7 will move to IE8. From the w3 stats it can be seen that the IE6&7 share is still very high, although happily IE6 is dropping fast:

Why would Microsoft release another internet explorer that is even slower than the last. I think browsers were just fine with IE6. Its like going from Vista to Windows 7 now IE7 to IE8 as if there is any difference. Users want a fast, efficient and clean looking browsers, not another slow IE.


this by far the slowest un usable program I have ever installed on my computer..I tried all the tweaks and suggested fixes....I cant believe Microsoft would put this out. its shameful at best. substandard trash..dont waste your time.

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